Our Story

About 10 Peaks

The Canadian national park Banff lies in the mountain chain Ten Peaks and their ten white peaks reflect in the turquoise waters of the Moriane Lake. The native Stoney Indians called the area Wenkchemna, meaning ten.

Already in the late 19th century European settlers and adventurers were guided around the fantastic surroundings by the natives. Even today the nature of Ten Peaks entices adventurers from all over the world.

Inspired by this beautiful place and its adventurous history we have developed a new range of gloves that meets the needs of the active skiers and snowboarders. 10 Peaks stands for quality, innovation and customer satisfaction.


High quality glove making starts with the intimate knowledge of the human body and its interaction with the task at hand. In the case of winter sports gloves, the likes of temperature control and moisture management play an integral role in ensuring optimal function and protection of one’s hands. The design of performance hand wear presents many unique challenges, not only do we consider the aforementioned we must ensure the unique needs of each activity and the seamless integration of proper fit and balance with durability and dexterity.


Extraordinary feats are performed by extraordinary people. Our glove artisans are absolute specialists in their craft. We’ve simply considered the development of innovative and functional handwear to be at the cornerstone of our company. It is this unwavering commitment to quality craftsmanship which makes 10 PEAKS a distinct high performance sports glove brand. Read more about 10 Peaks & C-Zip glove technology here