Glove Size Guide

Measure around the knuckles on your dominant hand to find your perfect glove size.

  • Measure your dominant hand with a tape measure around your knuckles (your left if you are left handed and your right if you are right handed)
  • Use the measurement with the information below to find your perfect size
  • 'Please remember if your gloves feel too tight (especially at the fingertips), your hands may end up feeling colder. If in doubt go up a size.

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Size 6 (Unisex Extra Extra Small)
5.5-6.5 inches / 14-16.5cm

Size 7 (Unisex Extra Small)
6.5-7.5 inches / 16.5-19.1cm

Size 8 (Unisex Small)
7.5-8.5 inches / 19.1-21.6cm

Size 9 (Unisex Medium)
8.5-9.5 inches / 21.6-24.1cm

Size 10 (Unisex Large)
9.5-10.5 inches / 24.1-26.7cm

Size 11 (Unisex Extra Large)
10.5-11.5 inches / 26.7-29.2cm

Size 12 (Unisex Extra Extra Large)
11.5-12.5 inches / 29.2-31.7cm